Connecting With Clients Online: Why You Should Maximize Your Digital Marketing

Connecting With Clients Online: Why You Should Maximize Your Digital Marketing

As a financial advisor, you likely spend much of your time face-to-face with clients, either meeting with them in person or via online meetings or even phone calls. But when you’re not with your clients (and your prospective clients), where they’re spending at least some of their time is online – and you could be missing out on opportunities to connect with them there if you’re not actively planning your digital marketing.

You’re certainly not alone if you neglect your digital marketing – 86% of advisors also say that they don’t have time to plan their digital marketing efforts. It’s worth finding the time to do so though, because your clients and prospects are spending their time on digital platforms, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to connect with them.

How To Connect With Your Clients And Prospects Online

To better connect with your clients and prospects online, you need to start with a plan. Think about your strategy and create a plan for your content – where you want to post (what platforms), and how often you’d like to post content. Think through the type of content that you’d like to post and make sure that it incorporates various topics, and that it isn’t all related to your business but also touches on the more personal aspects of you and your firm as well.

Once you’ve given some thought to your content strategy, you may find it helpful to use an editorial calendar to keep you on task with developing your content. This way, you can batch your content in phases so that you’re spending a minimal amount of time on content creation, but you’ll end up with several weeks or a month of content at once.

When you have your content ready to go, you may wish to use a social media scheduling tool to schedule your posts ahead of time. This can help you to stay consistent with posting content. While this is a great tool for getting your content out there, don’t forget that social media is social, and you’ll need to actively check your accounts and stay involved with engaging with others as well.

Stay positive when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. Marketing is a vast world, and it’s a profession entirely unto itself. If you find yourself underwater and unsure of where to begin, there’s no shame in getting help with your marketing efforts.

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