Taking a Victory Lap With Your Clients

Taking a Victory Lap With Your Clients

Years ago, I hosted a panel discussion among three financial advisors, where one of the panelists made a comment that resonated deeply with me.  The panelist said, “The financial planner is uniquely positioned to celebrate the successes of their clients.”  This profound statement underscores the pivotal role advisors play in the lives of their clients and the importance of acknowledging and commemorating those achievements, no matter how big or small.

The phrase struck a chord because it highlights the intimate understanding we possess of the intricate planning, dedication and discipline required for clients to reach financial goals. From saving for college tuition to ensuring a comfortable retirement, advisors are privy to the behind-the-scenes efforts that often go unnoticed by others. As another panelist astutely noted, “grandchildren won’t be thanking our clients today for their effort and foresight in planning for their education years from now”. It is financial advisors, who have the privilege of witnessing and facilitating these transformative journeys and seeing the ultimate successes.

Reflecting on those words led me to ponder how many advisors truly take the time to celebrate these milestones with their clients. While it may seem self-serving, I urge you to consider the profound impact of acknowledging and appreciating your clients’ successes. Whether it’s a heartfelt handwritten note, a thoughtful gesture, or a grand celebration, expressing gratitude for their dedication reinforces the value of your partnership and fosters deeper client-advisor relationships.

Imagine the impact of hosting a retirement party for a client at their place of work or organizing a family gathering to commemorate a significant milestone or even just encouraging them to celebrate their success in their own way.  These gestures not only honor your clients’ achievements but also demonstrate your genuine appreciation for their trust and commitment.

So, the next time a client hits a milestone that you’ve all diligently planned for, take a moment to celebrate their success and the collective effort it took to get there. As my father-in-law used to say take the time to do a “victory lap.”  Let’s make it a habit to acknowledge and applaud every victory along the way, reminding clients that their successes are ours to celebrate too.

Here’s to celebrating the small wins and the profound impact they have on clients’ lives.

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