Weekly Digest: Monday March 25th

Weekly Digest: Monday March 18th

On Women In Wealth

From the Rudin Report on LinkedIn, April Rudin does a deep dive into women and wealth management – particularly how it’s not one size fits all when it comes to managing the wealth needs of women. She offers up excellent advice in this piece, from talking less and listening more to dropping your preconceived assumptions and treating women like the individuals they are.

A Podcast on Organic Growth

At Modern Financial Advisor they’ve released an episode on organic growth, featuring Tom Reiman. Some key points to pick up from this podcast – keep an ear out for how you can utilize data to grow your practice organically.

Using Psychologists On Staff

Financial Advisor broke the news of a women-owned advisory firm in Chicago, Expressive Wealth, with a full-time clinical psychologist on staff. They plan on having their psychologist involved in client meetings to assist with decision-making and communication.

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