Weekly Digest: Monday March 25th

Weekly Digest: Monday March 25th

Worried About Retirement

One in six retirees is afraid they won’t have enough money to sustain their retirement, according to Advisor Magazine. Discover several ways to alleviate these fears for your clients, including options to cut costs and downsize or ways to potentially sell assets.

Standing Out

Making your brand stand out as an advisor is so important – and these tips from Anna N’Jie-Konte of Re-Envision Wealth in this article at Financial Planning will help you do just that. She provides some excellent tips on how you can help your brand to stand out by focusing on who you want to help, and realizing that you can’t cater to everyone at once.

Women and Wealth

Women control 51% of wealth – and this number is expected to rise to 66% over the next decade according to the Bank of America Wealth Institute. Learn strategies for working with women and their wealth in this article from Financial Advisor.

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